Artist Commission Agreement Template

If you are responsible for the development of a public art project, something for a company or an organization, you will probably receive a review and signature contract from the Commission. Right of refusal: If the collector does not wish to acquire the agent, the collector may refuse. In this case, the artist retains the rejected artwork and the non-refundable deposit. This is free of the collector`s rights or interests and collectors do not owe the artist any additional fees. When re-executing or drawing up a commission contract, be sure to cover more than the basic topics of a commission contract. It`s nothing more than that. The structure and details make your relationship with your sponsor strong. They will feel supported and ready to create. An art proposal that describes what the commission work will look like. Sometimes artists contain a prototype, sketch or example of similar works.

rights that define who owns the work once completed, an agreement on the reproduction rights of the work as well as provisions on whether the work can be exhibited, borrowed, etc. The more explicit and detailed you are about your needs in the design of the Commission`s documents, the smoother the manufacturing process will be. Be sure to communicate your needs and ask for shipping, executive and other non-artistic costs. Posting details prevents you from being in impregnatory or costly situations. When you are asked to produce art to order it, it is often like the ultimate compliment, because it is someone who loves your work to the point of wanting something that has been done especially for them. Looks like it`s a guaranteed sale. Happy days. But unless you`re careful, the work of your dreams can turn into a nightmare for both the artist and the curator. Here are some tips to help you make it a pleasant experience with a positive result. Even if a project or commission is small, the Commission`s formal timetables and conditions keep your projects on track and professionally. A timeline, including the times scheduled for recording the art in the works, will ensure that you and your curator are on the same page. Depending on the size of the Commission, there may be several recording moments.

While the person or party that paid for you to create may be familiar with your work, they have a vision in mind of how it will end. Make sure all parties feel good about the commission process. Regardless of your artistic limitations for commissioning work, you should always establish a written contract or commission agreement in which you tore your own provisions. I gave some common examples below. A written contract from both parties must: If you are commissioned for a private work of art, you will most likely have to submit your own contract. Then plan your check-in with reminders on your calendar so you don`t miss important appointments with your commissioner. You can consult a standard contract for an art commission here, here or here. I sought the agreement of the Artists Committee to find only these few examples – there are many more to see online. It will be useful to prepare a basic contract.

It will help your potential clients understand that you are seriously managing your artistic career, it will also help them to really think about what they want. If they don`t want to commit to a contract and your payment terms, then they`re not really serious with commissioning you and it`s much better to find out, in the first place than after many months of work creating something that you probably won`t be able to sell.